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orchestra della bottega delle percussioni


The Orchestra of the school “Bottega delle percussioni” came about as a direct expression of all the activities being carried out in the internal homonymy school of music. The performance, the Orchestra offers, sees involve both teachers and students in the school, with an organic system variable from 15 to 30 elemnts, between musicians, dancers and singers. Not only percussional instruments of diverse musical traditions are exhibited in the show, but also the combination of diverse language choreographies and auditories visible in the same performance with a sole denominator. The intent is to put into a scene a concert with a multietnic atmosphere through the execution of original songs inspired by cultural dances and worldwide percussions.

[one_half]Event Name: Sounds from the World

Artists: The Orchestra exhibits a live performance which includes the students and teachers of an Academic cultural Association called “La Bottega delle percussioni” with the president being Santo Vitale.

The organic variable from 15 to 40 elements, between musicians, dancers and singers. The musicians include: Salvo Compagno director of the Orchestra, Daniele Schimmenti vice director, Jerusa Barros vocalist, Raffaele Pullara accordion and Mandolin, Antonio Putzu Soprano Sax, Giacomo Lucchese Trumpet.

Description of the show: “Sounds from the World” Its a music and dance event which characterizes a mass scene enriched with colors and diverse atmosphere’s.

We represent The Western African with fanatical rhythm of the “djembe”, lower drums and the also put in display the ancestral dances of Africa, also we represent The Middle-East with the veil of their dance and the sounds of the “darbuka”, The Southern America is displayed with a mellow voice and a commanding cudgel. And the biggest presentation is the Sicilian Tamburello accompanied with a free spirited dance traced from the roots. Spanish dance with the flamenco and accompanied with the “palmas” and “cajon”. During the show many instruments from diverse traditions and areas are used, and together they create single auditory languages, unified with diverse expressions from the choreographies, determinating the force and beauty of the  event.

Events: February 2015 at Theatre Politeama (Palermo), January 2015 at Eagle Palace (Palazzo delle Aquile), November 2014 at Theatre Jolly, October 2014 The week of Music at “Cantieri Culturali Della Zisa” (Cultural centre), October 2014 The big Passion (“La grande passione”) at The Saint Rosalia Sanctuary, July 2014 Saint Rosalia festivity, May 2014 The Omera review (“Rassegna Omero a Ballarò”) at Ballarò, January 2014 San Francesco Oratory (“Oratorio San Francesco”, Palermo), December 2013 Scie and luminous Manifestation at Politeama Square, September 2013 Cous-Cous festival at San Vito Lo Capo, July 2013 Jam sessions in Theatre Verdura (“Teatro di verdura”, Palermo), August 2012 Village Citizens at Castelbuono, July 2012 Saint Rosalia festivity.

Duration of the Show: 1:30 h

Technical Box: 3 voice microphones sm58, that is 1 mandolin channel, 1 microphone for the Trumpet sm 58, 1 channel for the Accordion and two sm57 Microphones.