Project Description

percussioni africaneSanto Vitale presents the  first percussion course on  traditional rhythm from  West African countries like  : Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso , Senegal , Ivory Coast.

Drums  can  talk and  the  most  important thing  is  to ,  listen to  them , understand them and  also allow them  to express the kind of rhythm we  want to execute.

Music serves  as  an  instrument for a “solid”  social communication  within the  internal perimeters of a village, and  not to  make  mention of  the  main purpose  by  which  it’s being  produced , Poly-rhythm  is  the  basic  characteristic , in others  words ,    it  has  the  capacity to develop diverse rhythms simultaneously  and  sustain them in a constant uniform mode  without  any type of confoundings.  We  will  study the  Djembe , the bass drums like : Dundun, Sangban , Kengkeni and the Bells .

The course is due to follow  the same method utilized by  African Musicians that is the ‘Oral Transmission’ .

For every rhythm we will study the pattern of diverse drums, variations, evolutions , break and songs  to be  coordinated.

The course transmits great determination and strong emotions.