Project Description

danza africana-Aissetou JaitehAISSETOU JAITEH GAMBIA

The  african  dance  is opened to both  men and women ranging from the ages of  10 – 90 years . It’s not  really necessary to have  a past experience  in dancing , all that is required is the will to  express oneself  and also rely on ones natural energy in a moment of vitality and sharing . This activity forsees the charging up of muscles  briefly in the  initial phase , mainly because in the African dance we utilize almost every single muscle in the body ; the study of the movements  extracted mainly from the traditional rhythms of the African Occidental Dance i.e ( Guinea , Mali , Gambia , Ivory Coast , Senegal ) through simple coreographic sequences ,   in  conclusive moments  , not in all the lessons ( with the disposition of the participants in a circle ) with the free elaboration of the creative dance and some final stretching . The lessons would be held once a week and will be accompanied with live percussionists.