Project Description

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The course of Congas, Bongò and Timbales forsees the study of the concept of the cudgel, principal sounds and the technical rudiments of each  instrument respectively . it also involves the study of the popular cuban tradition : tumbao,cha cha , bolero, guaracha, guajira, caballo,  and afro. Furthermore  it  involves the study of the accompaniment instruments such as ( clave , maracas, Guiro , the bongo campana , shekerè).  in the advanced stages we will study instruments like the Rumba Clave , the popular and known  forms of rumba , yambu ( Matansas and havana) , the  Guanguanco ( Matansas and  Havana) and Colombia (Matansas and Havana).  During the lessons we would procure , develop and utilize the basic elements of music notations .  The Congas , Bongò , Timbales and Afrocuban courses  are scheduled weekly , 4 meetings in a month and an hour duration.