Project Description


The oriental dance has an ancient origin , it came forth as a ritual dance during the antique days  of Egypt in the Mesopotamia regime symbolizing the fecundity of a woman . Its  a type of dance based on the  knowledge of one’s body and the activities that helps move all the muscles , its based on the perfect bond between the mind and the body  and also enhances psycological conditions of whoever practises it , generating a positive influence on the organism , and its more oftenly utilized as an effective therapy for any physical disturbances . The oriental dance deeply  unites our inner sentiments with the capability of expressing ones sensitivity in music through a great technique  ; learning this art means  taking care of ones body , way  of expression in a lively and principal way  of  our lives , knowing the rhythms  and transforming the sound of the  Darbuka , the main instrument used as a percussion to  the Medio-Oriental dance , in movement , regaining confidence in oneself , enhancing our level of physical perception, coordination and corporal alignment , a system similar to this acquires force and balance. The oriental  dance is art , affectionate , magic ,gut , discover it and its a gift received with joy , practise it and its a dream that last in a lifetime. Course  conducted by Alessia Di Cara.