Project Description

12082142_10207741773721645_505774246_oFRANCESCA INCUDINE

Music and dance meets  again in this particular drum course in the  context and the popular traditional dances from south italy , hosted by francesca Incudine.   Musical walk-through , choreographies all to the discovery of   traditional rhythms ( ballittu, tarantella , pizzica , tammurriata , gargano tarantella ) , all through the use of drums in contexts , through one’s voice  and through one’s body  as an instrument  of perception , also  to  study the mode of female movement , to share the joy  of  dance collectively , also  to be deeply acquainted with  the culture. The course will be subdivided  according to forms of rhythms and will be studied in  dual modes  in order to give life to the group  of both  the dancers and the drummers , who  will experience the true dimension of an educative group , in other words  would create an environment  which confronts and advocates the sharing  of music , the perfect aggregational instrument for excellence.