She’s the manager of the ‘’ Bottega delle Percussioni’’ it took her 18 years just  to  find her connection with drums and ofcourse she’s not a musician 😉 She’s really greatful and highly indebted to all the maestro’s and musicians she’s encountered with , who naturally  played a major role in her  self-formation. Hats off  to Massimo Carrano , Famadou Konate , Santo Vitale , Stefano della Sopra , Daniele Schimmenti , John  Frempong , Reinhard Flatischer , Tania Bosak , Doc . Luciano Rainieri ( Acupuncturist)  Francesco Musso Master of Shiatsu. Her project is to give people the possibility to enmesh with music just like she sweetly did  and also fall in love with the energy created by people in a circle of drums .  Since 2014 , she’s been working with Santo Vitale on The Drum circle Project .
Her Moto : Energy needs to flow to be Useful .