Holds a diploma in Theory and Solfege from Conservatory of Caltanissetta and also a degree holder in Philosophy from the University of Palermo, he has a masters qualification in Polyvalent chemistry from the institue of “Florio and Salamone” Palermo.

He developed interest in popular Music in the year 1972 collaborating with “Canzioniere del Sud” (the southern song book) and also self-educated himself in the techniques of instruments and percussions.

From 1977 to 1983 he plays with the group “Rakali” participating in events in many places suchs as Folkstudio in Rome, Strasbourg University, various cities in Germany, I and II Review of popular Sicilian Music (Terrasini – PA), also radio and telivisive transmission  for RAI 3 channel.

In 1988 he became a core part of the group “Shamal” being part in the realization of produced discographies like: “Shamal”(1990), “Acqua di mare” (1992) with percussionists like Glen Velez, “Ettna!” (1993, produced in the USA), “A Banna ca sona” (1998).

With the Shamal group he also participates in: “Onde Sonore Mediterranee” (“Meditarrean auditory” – Rome), “Gibellina Etnojazz” in the range of Orestiadi 1990, “Faenza Folk Festival” (Ravenna), “Sant’Arcangelo dei Teatri” (“Saint Arcangelo of Theartres” – Ravenna), “Napoli Visionaria” (Naples Visionary), “Suoni del Novecento” (“Sounds of the 1900”, E.A Teatro Massimo at Palermo), University of Venice, “Festival delle Terre” (“Land festival” – of Pesaro and Urbino), “Jerusalem Festival” (Israel), “World Music Festival” (Roma), Festival of “WOMAD in Palermo”.

Furthermore  he has played with  artists like: Piero Costa, Cozze, Nuclearte, Ut Comma, Situazioni Sonore Trio, Vagante, Colletivo Baba Jaga, Ruota Libera Roma, Teatro Talpa, Marcello Mandruecci, Stefania Mulè.

He presently collaborates with artists like Laura Mollica and Giuseppe Greco, Affinita di Quarta, Paride Benassai, TienilaLuna.

He also collaborated with “Teatro Libero” in Palermo being the writer of numerous events including “L’amante” (“The lover”) H. pinter (1985) “Bobok” with the participation of Mario Scaccia (1987) “Musica per una partenza” (“Music  for a start”) by K. Mitropulu (Palermo 1987, Athens 1989), “Le notti bianche” (“The white nights”) directed by  L. Flaszen (1995).

With the multi-instrumentalist Enzo Rao he composed the music for the multivision events “Focu and Faiddi” and “Una stagione tra due secoli” (“A season between two centuries”).


He also engages in Instructional Music as a director in courses designed for tutors and operators, he also tutors children from the age 4 to 11 years and to disabled students as well. He has a role as a lecturer in “Circolo Didattico (“Didattic association”) F. Raciti” (ex Borgo Nuovo II) and also serves as the coordinator in the Musical Laboratory  since 1996.

He has collaborations with the following institutions: Institute of Experimental Psychology (University of Palermo), CE.NA.SCA. Palermo, Centre of Mental Illness in Mazara del Vallo – Salemi (Trapani), Metropolitan school (Distretto Scolastico) 6/44 in Partinico (Palermo), IDIS Foundation – City of Science (Napoli), INVaISI (National  Institue of Academic System Valutation) in Frascati (Roma), MIUR Sicilia – Palermo, CERISDI, Facolty of Science and Formation and also Philosophy and Literature in the University of Palermo.

He’s the author of the videocassette “Suona con gli Atropidi Sgattaiolati” (Play with Atropidi Sgattaiolati”), a music educational course for elementary school, edited by G.B. Palumbo & C. Bibiliography Pubblications Editor (Palermo, 2002).