He’s an Artisan: “Everything sounds!” This is his motto ūüėČ this is why he produces different types of percussion instruments like the sicilian tamburello, cajon, djembe, surdu, talking drum tables and so many varieties of instruments produced with recycled materials, his creativity and handmade work is really impressive because he has the skills to create instruments according to the needs of the musician.

He’s a Musician:¬†he employs in musical teachings, coordinating courses for African Music Lovers, also as a school tutor, he teaches kids from the age 4 to 18 years for the L.I.V.A projects (Water and Life), he participates in the project M.U.S.E, Cesvop and the Commune of Palermo. Also he conducts the popular drum circle in different styles and contest relational to the explosion of the adrenaline and pure fun.

Since 1998 till today:

He’s the founder of the Cultural Academic Association known as¬†“La Bottega delle¬†Percussioni”¬†with two branches:

The Laboratory: via Del Parlamento 16 (Palermo)
School: via Cortile del Fosso 7 (Palermo)

He’s also the founder of the group “Jambo Sana” with whom he produced the CD “Sikiria Fafari”, he participates in so many events which includes the “Vucciria Festival”¬†(Palermo), “Festino di¬†Santa Fortunata”¬†(“Santa Fortunata Festive” – Baucina), festa of¬†“Madonna del Mirto”¬†(“Madonna del Mirto Festive” –¬†Villafranca Sicula), “Festa del¬†Mandorlo in Fiore” (“Mandorlo Festive in Fiore” –¬†Agrigento), “La notte piccante” (“The Hot Night”¬†– Catanzaro), “La notte bianca” (“The White Night” – Casteldaccia, Caltavuturo, Carini, Villafrati), “Festival di musica Mediterranee” (“Mediterranean Music Festival” – Alessandria della Rocca) , “Jazz On The Bus”, “La Ghironda, festival dei cinque continenti” (“The¬†Ghironda, The five continental festival” – Puglia), etc…

He participates in events in collaboration with Theatre Politeama Garibaldi, Theatre Savio, Piazza Zisa, Piazza Maggione, Theatre Montevergini, Theatre Jolly, etc…

He’s the co-¬≠founder of the “Orchestra della Bottega delle percussioni”¬†aligned with the show “Suoni Dal Mondo”¬†(“Sound from the World”) an exhibition demonstrated by both the tutors and students from the School of Music and Dance.

He’s the co-¬≠organizer of workshops with renowned and famous artists like Fanadou Konate, Fabouba Oulare, Thomas Guei, Bolokada Conde, Bruno Genero, Carlo Rizzo, Alfio Antico, Massimo Carrano, Dimas Camrgo, Arnaldo Vacca, etc…


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